Christmas Season Memories

The Christmas season reminds me of one of the most wonderful souls that walked this earth.

Christmas isn’t the same without you Nana, but I will carry on your sweet little traditions. Nana Boo Boos, passing around presents to the left, I will learn to make Babka like you did, and I will even start sending out Angels like you did. Don’t worry, I won’t forget about the Kringle either.

I love you. 


Branik Music Post

Branik Launchs Indiegogo Campaign in Honor of Grandmother

My name is Hillary, and I am Branik.

Over the years, I have dabbled in many musical styles, with a lot of really talented musicians. In doing this, I have found my very own authentic sound, and have created my own musical brand called Branik.

Creating this EP has been a long-time dream (a childhood dream, big time!) that is within my grasp of coming true. 

"Why Not?"

The title of the debut EP is, "Why Not", which is a title rooted from a phrase often said by my grandmother, who we called, Nana. In her final days of life, it was her most used phrase. A woman who battled cancer two times and won, she remained a warrior with an adventurous and loving outlook on life. Even in her weakest moments, there was no challenge and no fear too great, just the question, “Why not?” In the most amazing ways, Nana lives on through her words and love. "Why not?", to her, meant, “What are you waiting for? Let's do it!”

In April 2018, Nana passed away. I decided to dedicate this debut EP to her. I can’t think of a better way to honor a woman who loved and appreciated music on such a large scale. Two of the five songs were written and inspired by her. "Pray For You", was a song I wrote during her remaining months in this world and "Nightmare" was written after her passing. She is survived by so many people and so much love. Now, I want her to live on through my music too.

Creating the Debut EP

Funding this project means so much more than just funding me, Branik. You are funding all the people behind the scenes that are helping me make my childhood dream possible. People like Engineers, Producers, Videographers, Merch Designers, and my Marketing Team. Not a single dollar goes unnoticed, and every single cent is appreciated greatly.

Without the help of these people, the journey to this EP is farther out of my reach. Without funding, there is no professional quality musical release, no merchandise, and a lesser chance of touring. I want to give you my very best, so I need your help.

One of the great goals I have in music is this; I want to reach the masses with my music so that I can make people feel the way I do when music touches my heart. 

Gifts & Thank Yous

As a thank you for contributing your hard earned dollars, I have some lovely gifts, which I have created just for you! Some of these will only be available through this campaign. Collectables, some may say. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and to donate. If you feel someone else you know may want to help, please share my campaign on any platform that you can. 

Love Always,


Branik Plays at The Lotus Music Festival


Today was just wonderful. I started out at home practicing Ukulele and cleaning my apartment. I then slowly got ready for Muddy Lotus Festival and made my way to South Seattle. Before I even went on stage I laid in the sun for an hour and a half and read my book. And, right after I played I was invited to meditation. So soothing for after a gig. The founder of the festival was even going around the park with sage, it was magical. I would highly recommend attending next year. 

I flew solo today at #muddylotus so I don’t have pictures from my gig. But, wow what a cool festival!!! This is how chill I was after my set. I immediately was invited to meditate with fellow festival participants, every show should end that way.

🖤🌺 love you 🌺🖤


Muddy Lotus Festival Branik.jpg
Muddy Lotus Festival.jpg