Branik Plays at The Lotus Music Festival


Today was just wonderful. I started out at home practicing Ukulele and cleaning my apartment. I then slowly got ready for Muddy Lotus Festival and made my way to South Seattle. Before I even went on stage I laid in the sun for an hour and a half and read my book. And, right after I played I was invited to meditation. So soothing for after a gig. The founder of the festival was even going around the park with sage, it was magical. I would highly recommend attending next year. 

I flew solo today at #muddylotus so I don’t have pictures from my gig. But, wow what a cool festival!!! This is how chill I was after my set. I immediately was invited to meditate with fellow festival participants, every show should end that way.

🖤🌺 love you 🌺🖤


Muddy Lotus Festival Branik.jpg
Muddy Lotus Festival.jpg