Why Not EP

Branik - Why Not - EP - 2019

about the ep

A little over a year ago, in a hospital room, Branik started a project for her grandmother, Mary Ann Kennedy. Mary Ann was diagnosed with brain tumors and went through surgery to remove them.

Two words said often by Mary Ann became the inspiration for songs on this EP. Whenever others felt doubt towards fulfilling a dream or others communicated a desire to do something, she would just ask, “Why Not?” Her optimism and love for life became the title of this EP.

Mary Ann passed away in April 2018. Since her passing, Branik has worked to create this EP in dedication to her grandmother. The two songs created in her memory are “Pray for You” and “Nightmare”.

You can listen to the creation below and all over the web.


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Here We Go.

I want to give a special thanks to everyone listed below for bringing my music to life in the fullest way, and for making my creative vision a reality.

Hillary Reynolds and Trevor Jarvis, putting my music in your magical hands was ground breaking for me, you both never stop amazing me. Your ears and your musical abilities are truly stunning. Having you both produce and play on this music was a dream made real.

Marton BisitsMatt Musty, and Benjamin Kopf, I could not have been matched up with better musicians to bring this arrangement to life.

Andy Forsberg, the force was totally with us in your studio. Thank you for providing a wonderful place to capture sound.

Matt Peiffer and Tom Waltz, your mixing and mastering are perfect. When I listen I feel like I am in a different world.

Michael Ganyo, you made making that Indiegogo video a breeze. You truly captured the wildness that is me in just a few short minutes.

Todd Ingalls, for your photo magic. I just love this photo.

Kelly Branyik you were instrumental to this project. I don't even know how to explain everything you do. You just are the best.

Indiegogo donors, Thank you for believing in my music.

Love, Branik

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